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At The Creekmore Law Firm PC, our attorneys take pride in helping our business clients navigate the legal landscape before them and placing them on a path to success. We help businesses of all sizes, from brand new startup businesses, to small, medium, and large well-known companies, with their full range of business planning and business counseling needs. We are always flexible, meeting with our clients at locations in Blacksburg, Roanoke, and Richmond when they require face-to-face time, or using the latest technology to meet with clients on their schedule and for their convenience. Read below to learn more about some of the kinds of businesses we have assisted and the kinds of business counseling services we offer.

Businesses We Assist Include…

Startup Company

Mobile Development



We’ll focus on your initial legal planning so you can focus on your business.  Business formation, commercial lease review, basic contract drafting, and an initial intellectual property assessment are just some of the services we offer that startup businesses need.  If you are a team of 1-10 people, our buy modafinil cheap online may be just what you need for your startup goals.


Whether you’re developing a website, a mobile application, or more traditional software, our attorneys understand the unique legal issues facing hackers, coders, and other software developers.  We have drafted End User License Agreements (EULAs), terms of use, and privacy policies for our developer clients.

Technology Firms

Firms on the cutting edge rely in particular on protecting their IP.  We can help you navigate the world of buy modafinil smart drug that make up the backbone of your business.


Managing a construction project is no easy task.  From managing subcontractors to ensuring customers pay on time, there can be a lot to juggle.  Let us assist with your contract, security lien, and professional regulation issues so you don’t have to.


A Retail Location


Non Profit Companies

Small Business

buy modafinil uk next day delivery face the same legal issues as every other business, but must confront the daunting reality legal problems can bring to their limited resources.  We understand the unique issues small businesses face, and have experience helping them navigate the legal landscape.


Because they are held accountable to labor and food safety laws and an ever-changing regulatory landscape, restaurants have more than just the bottom-line to worry about at the end of the night.

Wine & Beer

Wineries and breweries abound in Virginia, but operating either comes with it several legal requirements.  Whether you need assistance with Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) licensing, or you need advice on agritourism laws, we can assist your winery and brewery confront the legal issues before it.


Sometimes running a particular enterprise as for-profit makes little sense.  If you think the non-for-profit path is right for you, our attorneys can assist you with determining whether a 501(c) tax status with the IRS is appropriate for you, and help you run the rest of your non-profit company.

Wedding Vendors




Wedding Vendors

The rapidly growing wedding industry faces challenges like any other. Let us handle your contracts and legal needs so you can create moments that last a lifetime.


Whether you photograph weddings, general events, wildlife, architecture, or the moon, we’ve got you, your business goals and your intellectual property rights, especially your copyrights, covered.


Your music is your livelihood.  Whether you need to protect your music with a copyright, or stop known infringement, we are here to give you assistance.


Intellectual property law and other business law aspects can protect your work and turn a hobby or trade into a business. Whether pursuing copyright or some other legal planning method, we can help you protect your artwork so you can focus on creating it.  Check out our in-house art gallery, buy modafinil uk fast delivery. while you’re visiting!

buy modafinil uk quick delivery

And a business like yours, with legal issues like…

Business Formation

Business Creation

Thinking about creating a corporation, limited liability company, or other business entity?  Not sure where to begin?  Our attorneys can help you form and operate your business entity to provide you with the legal liability shield it was meant to be.



We can review, draft, or litigate your contract.  We can assist with non-compete agreements, commercial & residential leases, intellectual property licenses, franchise agreements, and other kinds of business contracts.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

That’s copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.  We focus in particular on intellectual property protection.  See our buy modafinil ebay for more.


Employment Policies

Considering adding employees to your business?  We can help you prepare employment documents, policies, and procedures to limit your liability and ensure compliance with applicable law.


Purchasing or creating a franchise can be an amazing business opportunity, but comes with significant legal compliance.  Let us assist you with drafting or reviewing your franchise disclosure, franchise agreement, and other key legal documents.


We have assisted businesses with regulations from the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Department of Health, and Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. Let us see if we can assist you.

Corporate Boardroom

Mergers & Acquisitions

We assist clients in the purchase or sale of a business, and existing business with complex mergers and acquisitions.

Stock Market


We can help you ensure compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, draft “private placement” documents, and make your funding rounds legal.

buy modafinil online europe

Want to Take the Next Step?

See how we can assist you with your business needs.


buy modafinil from india
New client inquires call 855.443.9350 or
buy modafinil france buy modafinil from mexico
buy modafinil from canada