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Need a place to park for a client meeting or a speaking engagement?
We’ve got you covered.

We are located on Main Street in the heart of downtown Blacksburg, directly between Hokie House and Chipotle restaurants.

If you are visiting us, you may park in any of the spaces in the driveway between our office and Hokie House as well as in the small lot directly behind our building in any spaces indicating parking for “Creekmore Law Firm” (marked “DECAL PARKING” below). There is also on-street metered parking directly in front of our building (turn right at the light on College Avenue) as well as metered spaces in the nearby lot behind The Cellar and Sharkey’s off Progress Street to our building’s rear.

If you are a visitor to our downtown area and frequenting a dining establishment, visiting a gallery, catching a movie, or just catching up with friends, please be aware that we have Firm & Gallery car decals (see below) that grant you parking privileges for after 5:30pm and up to 2:00am on weekdays and on weekends in the same FREE PARKING areas. Please feel free to grab one while you’re here!

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Creekmore Decal 2014 REVArtful Lawyer Decal 2014 REVwithBORDER

buy modafinil china
New client inquires call 855.443.9350 or
buy modafinil chemist warehouse buy modafinil com
buy cephalon modafinil