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Where to buy modafinil europe, Buy modafinil

Keith Finch focuses his practice on intellectual property and business counseling.

Practice Areas: buy modafinil credit card, buy modafinil cheap online, buy modafinil cheap uk

Bar Admissions

  • Virginia, 1994
  • District of Columbia, 1997 (inactive)
  • Pennsylvania, 1993 (inactive)

College of William & Mary, J.D., 1992

  • William & Mary Law Review, Professional Articles Editor
  • Order of the Coif

Davidson College, B.A., 1988, cum laude

  • The Creekmore Law Firm PC, 2008-present, Blacksburg, VA
  • The Haruki And Tokyo-Marunouchi Law Offices, 2006-2008, Tokyo, Japan
  • Haruki, Sawai & Inoue, Attorneys At Law, 1997-2006, Tokyo, Japan
  • Dyer, Ellis & Joseph, 1994-1997, Washington, DC
  • The Honorable Norma H. Johnson, 1992-1994
  • U.S. District Court For The District Of Columbia Law Clerk, Washington, DC

Mr. Finch has spoken on a variety of topics to entrepreneurs and business owners, including:

  • Intellectual Property Law Basics

Mr. Finch would be happy to speak to your organization. Please buy modafinil canada pharmacy to inquire about his availability.

United Way of Montgomery, Radford and Floyd

Free Clinic of the New River Valley Board
Member, 2012-2015

Keith Outside for web

540-443-9350 ext. 703

order modafinil europe
New client inquires call 855.443.9350 or
buy modafinil fast shipping buy modafinil from india
buy modafinil france