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Our firm enjoys spending time with business people, community leaders, budding entrepreneurs, local artists, and other community members. Whether we are hanging out with folks at the Salem Red Sox ballpark, attending chamber of commerce and Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council functions, or interacting with local artists in association with The Artful Lawyer, A Fine Gallery Inc. (our downstairs art gallery), we pride ourselves in engaging with the community. Our team also enjoys speaking on a myriad of topics that will help you grow your business both personally and professionally.  We host Shark Bites monthly in our Blacksburg office and at the Grandin CoLab in Roanoke.  Please see our calendar below for full registration information for this month’s Shark Bite.  We are happy to speak to your group on intellectual property protection (copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets), business formation, contract drafting, social media usage, internet/technology law, and more.

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Our July Shark Bite:
Good Contracts are Like Good Fences – Better Relationships Result

Robert Frost once penned “Good fences make good neighbors,” the meaning of which is, of course, that parameters and boundaries around a relationship better define it and allow it to flourish and grow. In similar fashion, better contracts make for better relationships of all types – with partners, vendors, customers, employees, independent contractors, etc. But what makes for a “better contract” is in the details often overlooked by parties trying to do it themselves. Join us this month as we explore the most critical elements and issues you need to understand and incorporate for creating better contracts, and better relationships, for your business.  Registration below.

July 26 in Blacksburg

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July 27 in Roanoke

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